Why do I need to use alcohol pads?
To ensure safe and long-term bonding.
How do I install correctly?
When cleaning, make sure to wipe in one direction only and repeat until the cloth stays clean. Make sure that your hands are clean. Very important is the pressure. Press hard for 10 seconds so that there are no bubbles left at all. The final adhesive strength at 20 °C is reached after 72 hours.

Cleaning the surface-
Wear suitable gloves. Pay attention to the instructions in the safety data sheet of the respective cleaner.

  • Use clean cleaning cloths (lint-free, perfume-free, plasticizer-free).
  • Use suitable cleaning agents (e.g. 3M Cleaner for 3M VHB Adhesive Tapes) depending on the degree of soiling and the surface (no greasing household cleaners).
  • Repeat cleaning until the surface is clean and free of grease.
  • Change the cleaning cloth during this process.
  • For glass surfaces, use “3M Silan Glass Primer” (please refer to the corresponding application instructions).

Application of the adhesive tape

  • The application temperature (object and ambient temperature) should be between +15° C and +25° C.
  • Place the adhesive tape on the surface to be bonded, pull tight but do not overstretch. Avoid air pockets.
  •  Do not stick the initial piece of adhesive tape that has been touched (leave it protruding and cut it off).
  •  Promptly press/roll on the adhesive tape well with at least 20 N/cm².

Remove the protective cover and apply the second part to be bonded

  • Remove the protective cover in one piece to avoid “stop marks”
  • Do not touch the bonding surface
  • After removing the protective cover, bond the second part to be bonded promptly to avoid contamination of the open bonding surface.
To which surfaces should Elbopen be applied?
Steel, coated wood, glass, PA, acrylic/PMMA, ABS, etc.
I have installed Elbopen incorrectly. Can I just remove it and stick it back on?
You can disassemble the parts, but you need a new double-sided tape for reassembly. It is best to ask a professional or call us.

If the door paint can withstand high temperatures, you can also use a hot air dryer locally for this. Heating the tape will make it easier for you to remove the 3M VHB tape. After heating, peel the Elbopen from the door by very slowly pulling the Elbopen down angularly. You can also separate the adhesive tape between the two bonded components by cutting. Use a dental floss or a cutting wire for this purpose, for example.

What temperatures can Elbopen tolerate?

Short-term up to 230 °C
Long-term (weeks) 150 °C

Can I have my own logo lasered on Elbopen?
Yes, for sure! Please contact us about this.
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